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Not everyone can pay big money to a hotrod shop for them to chop the top on your ride. But.. where do you even begin? 

This 3 day, hands on course will give you the skills and confidence to chop the top on your own ride. Brosseau's even bought a '50 Buick Eight Special just to teach this class! Join them and Hot Rod Hall of Fame inductee Donn Lowe on Friday, September 22nd - Sunday, September 24th in Estacada, OR as they cut this Buick down to the right height. 


Class schedule:

Friday 4pm-8pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

Sunday 8am-5pm (could end early if travel becomes an issue for most attendees) 


Understanding what needs to happen when you chop a top is crucial. Where the cuts need to be made, why they need to be made there, and what to avoid. You will work together to layout for the cuts, make the cuts and remove the roof. Once on the bench, the real fun begins of taking some length out of the legs. Once all shaping has been done, the roof will go back on, get TIG welded back on then we will work on finihsing the welds. Hammer/dolly work, planishing hammer, and picking/filing the welds. 


This is the first class of a two part series. Top Chop 2 will be held November 10-12th. The class will cover finihsing/grooming welds, chopping trim and cutting down garnish mouldings. There will be a $200 discount if you attended Top Chop 1. 


Please email with any questions, concerns or inquiries regarding the class. 

Top Chop 1